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Air freight division is prepared to go above and beyond, taking your shipment any day, any time, any place. We take the hassle out of booking your flight to its destination. Air freight is rated one of the fastest and most reliable sources of transport of goods.

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Import/Export? Our personnel is trained and well experienced in the ocean freight industry. We can provide you with access to a global carrier, covering major ports, with the best transit times available. Ocean freight is rated the slowest but with the most cargo capacity in the world.

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Ground shipping is a very common source of transport in the nation. Put our freight experience at your fingertips and meet your capacity needs while controlling costs since this method is most preferred and very manageable in time, reliability and safety.

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LTL service that always meets your needs, guaranteed. If you’re shipping within the USA and want to save money, we can arrange for easy pick-up. Whatever the origin and destination, KVC Logistics enables you to choose your best route all in a matter of seconds.

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Find trucks when you need them with the largest pool of vetted, reliable, high-quality trucking carriers in North America. Properly manage trucking costs and adapt with the ever-evolving market. Work with people you trust at any level with transactional, contractual, route guide, and outsource solutions.

​What you can expect: Full truckload, dry van, open deck/flatbed, consolidation\cross-border, temperature controlled/refrigerated, drayage/port services, long and short haul, drop trailer, expedited, high risk/high value, dedicated fleet. Contact us for options.

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Door-to-Door Transload. Need a direct line to your destination? KVC Logistics CORP has the network access you need to get your shipment from A to B. With BNSF’s Transload Service, your freight goes into a transload facility, where it is moved from the railcar into a truck (three + per carload) and delivered to its destination. Rail accessibility without a large capital investment. Access to numerous value-added services. Excellent for companies that do not have a rail line into their facilities but can handle/store large quantities at their facilities. Allows customers to obtain the cost convenience of using individual railcar service without having to have a rail served facility

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KVC Logistics has multiple warehouse facilities network with transloading options fit for your cargo. Build with security in mind, you have options when it comes to long-term or short-term storage. Trusted with over 15 years of experience, our service is cost-effective so let us store & support your cargo safely.

Transloading is available for any size freight; Truck, ship, or plane, you name it. We’re experts in the process of moving your shipment. We’re working to keep your cargo moving to its destination. Contact us to streamline your logistics effectively, safely and reliably!

KVC Logistics is committed to being your responsible transportation partner.

Choose your service, carrier, and rates on your terms.