What is a logistics network?

Set of facilities and activities that allow the manufactured product to reach the end customer from the point of production. In other words, it is a logistics distribution chain that allows the product to be distributed and reach the consumer in a timely and appropriate manner.

Since 2019, consumption habits have been changing due to confinement, a business has expanded towards the digital all kinds of purchases and transactions, encouraging many SMEs to consolidate themselves as marketplaces and whose logistics in shipments is key to connect, satisfy and retain customers. Final client.

The leaders of the most important markets assure that, for this new year, the challenges are getting bigger when it comes to improving the logistics network and, therefore, the supply chain, taking into account the impact of the recent crisis of containers.

Stay to know 3 good tips to improve the logistics network

  1. Lessons from the pandemic: technology is the engine of recovery, a catalyst. It must be understood that consumer behavior changed and that the culture of “telework” was also implemented. All this breaks down that logistics services are a priority for the business, therefore, it is key to react in time to the needs of brands, partners and customers.
  2. Consolidate the e-commerce logistics network. It is vital to invest in cross-docking distribution and in the automation of delivery operations, guaranteeing product reception in the shortest possible time.
  3. Identify and strengthen the value or differential offer of the brand, both in infrastructure and in technological solutions. This will generate more access and inclusion and the need to continue educating consumers, because, although the pandemic increased the digital transformation of physical businesses and enhances the growth of pure players in the digital world, managing to break down barriers of trust, there are still many consumers to conquer.

As we well know, the challenges increase according to the social and economic situations that are experienced daily. KVC logistics works 24/7 to improve the conditions of the logistics network and provide a smile when sending or picking up a package.


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