What Is the Best Means of Transportation To Move Your Cargo?

Each means of transport, in the logistics sector, adapts to the needs you have with your cargo and as a company.  If your cargo must be in the shortest time possible: air transports are ideal for this type of requests or urgencies. On the contrary, if you need to send a large cargo in a specific time, sea freight is perfect for the job.

In this market, logistic transports fulfill the logistic chain to make the market literally move. Easily, if there is no transportation, how do we move the products to their production or consumption destination? The different transports, according to your needs and those of your cargo, that you are looking for are these:

Air transport: it is the fastest of all. Your cargo will be safe and intact at its destination in the shortest possible time.

Air plane jet engines

Sea freight: Unlike air freight, this type of transport is the slowest of all, but it has the largest capacity. If you need to move a large cargo in a certain stipulated time, this type of transportation is ideal for your company.

The back of a cargo ship

Ground shipping: One of the most used transports in the whole logistic chain. It is a very common and ideal way to move your cargo from point A to point B, without interruptions, a direct trip to your destination. It is one of the most preferred in the United States.

Parked truck on side of the road

Shipping by Rail: a means of intermodal transshipment that goes in a direct line to get your cargo to its destination, with great capacity to move different containers – product without falling into excessive expenses. Ideal for companies that do not have a rail line in their facilities but can handle / store large quantities in their facilities.

train approaching

LTL: a means of transportation that adapts to your company’s needs. Ideal for moving cargo between nearby destinations, easy and fast whatever the origin and destination of the cargo.

light truck at cargo station

In KVC we adapt to your needs, we have a long line of transports ready to move your cargo in the established time. From air and sea freight to intermodal means, choose the fastest means within our services!