5 Requirements To Improve Last Mile Processes

What is the last mile in logistics?

It is also called capillary distribution, it is a package transport management focused on the last route that has to be made in the final delivery. Corresponds to the route that is made once they have grouped a set of packages and that are then distributed in the city.

Keys to optimizing the last mile.

Optimization of transport routes in the last mile: It is very important to synchronize all the elements of capillary distribution. Review most efficient routes based on factors like traffic jams in real-time.

Type of parcel and transport.

It is essential to think about the size of the packages to be transported at each point and even the nature of the said product. In the same way, it is necessary to think about the type of vehicle to be used, and the conditions and adaptability for the satisfactory delivery of the product must be taken into account.

Terms of delivery to the customer.

As we know, the customer wants his package on time and in perfect condition. Internal times and dates with high demand must be taken into account. And plan the different variables to take into account.

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